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Hey, I'm Lucy Cat, glad to see you here! Thus, you can make a first impression, I'll tell you first a little about myself ... I was born in Rostock and 21 years old, 162 cm tall and weigh 49 kg crisp. My left arm is fully tattooed, watch some games with my sexy photos or Lucy-Cat Amateur videos over, because you can look at them you. However, more tattoos should not happen, because I think that a tattooed arm for my petite body enough and I think it's so sexy. Full-time I am still a student. I study traffic operation with the field of logistics. My first time I had been with 14, but really with me the subject of sex / porn since I was 16 years. At that time I wanted to become a dominatrix. Since I can no longer be all about the eroticism going on, the issue is simply very exciting for me and my sex was always failed - at the movies, in the car, spontaneously while walking whether Anal / rimming or a prostate massage for my friend - the everything was and is part of my private sex life. Just like the fact that I've always liked sex in front of other people. Was I or outdoor public caught spontaneous sex or times people looked me directly while, it made me extremely horny. With the top 19 I separated from my former friend and looking for a way my fascination with the erotic with my sexual desires to be agreed. Why not shoot a porn, I thought.

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Birth Date: Oct 15, 1992