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Prague is a wonderfully mystical city with winding alleys, weird statues, and folkloric history. It’s also one of the top babe-making wonders of the world. Prague’s biggest miracle? It’s probably Zuzana Drabinova and her awesome rack. You could bet top dollar that those tits of hers were sculpted by the finest plastic surgeons, but you’d be dead wrong. It must be that clean Czech air that gave Zuzana a pair of completely natural and massively amazing funbags. This tall babe with platinum blonde hair and impeccable skin has been practicing the art of self-stimulation for ages, and she’s ready to show off her well-earned talents. When you watch her suck her fingers and slowly ease them into her pristine vajeen, it’s like a vibrating butt-plug got inserted into your mind. Zuzana started off in the biz doing photoshoots, specifically in the big natural genre for sites like DDF Busty. She soon moved on to moving pictures and worked with Pure Play Media. Every now and then, she gets a bit lonely, and who can blame her? Though we’d all love to keep her company, she has so far preferred the company of other hot Eastern European babes. Together they masturbate side by side, make out, and even sample each other’s fuck-hole flavors. Spend a few seconds sampling Zuzana’s movies and just try not to grip your stick or finger your clit.
Birth Date: Jun 29, 1985
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