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If you think Zuzana Zeleznovova has too many Z’s in her name, you can trust us and rest assured that she won’t be putting you to sleep anytime soon. In fact, spend just a few moments scrolling through her scenes, and the only sleep you’ll get will be when you pass out from jerk-off exhaustion and wake up covered in wet-dream residue. Zuzana is a dream girl from the land of blonde super-babes: the Czech Republic. She’s an angel of a fuck-doll with a winning smile and a sweet, generous demeanor. There’s no doubt that Zuzana could be a mainstream model if she weren’t such a horny beast at heart. Barely an hour goes by where she isn’t fingering herself and tasting her pussy sauce. Zuzana loves the soft erotica stuff. Watching her have a French kissing session with another beautiful doll is so sweet that you’ll get a toothache and a ball-ache at the same time. Never shying away from dick either, Zuzana treats each rod coming her way like a knight in veiny armor, ready to take shelter in her warm, wet holes. Every now and then, this girl drops the softcore act and gets super nasty in the anal arena. The things she can do with a dildo will leave your jaw on the floor and your crotch sticky. Zuzana is bursting with excited sensuality and always makes sure to reach thigh-rumbling orgasms in each scene she does, and you’ll do the same when you lay your eyes on her vids.
Aliases: sharon star zuzana zeleznovova,susanne ferosso,sweet zuzanna,tasty tara,zuzana z.,zuzana zeleznovova
Birth Date: Aug 25, 1983
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